SEO Consultant

Jason Hunter

Strategic SEO Analyst, SEO Specialist.

Registered Google Web Master providing Competition Analysis, Tracking and Monthly Reporting starting with a custom SEO Plan. I also provide Managed SEO Web Developments with my Trusted Team for $30/hr.

My focus is to contribute ongoing Strategic Insight and Advise for Owners and Managers that need to know and understand their business’s presence in the Google landscape.

To Get Me On Your Team: I work under a six month contract that starts at $250/M and includes:

  1. A Custom SEO Plan

  2. Phone, Text and IM Consultation time.

  3. Monthly Keyword and Competition Tracking.

  4. Monthly SEO Consultation Summary.

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Informed Decisions

Research, Data and Expert SEO Advise.

The Information You Need

For Your Business to Succeed via Google

Hire Jason Hunter

SEO Web Analyst and Consultant

SEO Consultation & Services

Affordable SEO Plan / SEO Tracking and Reporting / SEO Implementation

See & Understand Your www Environment

Avoid Trouble & Multiply your Success

Being the Top in Google for Your Target Keywords is not only Exciting, But Profitable. Being on Page 3 is not.

Prioritize Page One from here and now.

Scale Success Preclude Failure

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Know, Assimilate, Understand, Implement, Repeat.

70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business

or making a purchase with them.

(think with Google)

Are you actually focusing on rest of them that don’t?

Stop, and Spend Here with me instead. Get SEO Success.

This Page is Your First Consultation.

Most Small Businesses don't need complicated or expensive Search Engine Optimization to increase their Google Position and acquire more Customers and Sales, they need to know how to proceed from where they are with what they have with confidence. Having me as advisor with a 30,000 foot view of your business online, can help you focus well within your 30 foot view and service area.  

With Strategic Web Development Consultation and Monthly SEO Reporting, you can strategically increase profitability via Google and Social Media, in a way that Google respects.

 Capture More Existing Customer Search Volume

Capture More Existing Customer Search Volume

SEO Cost, Supply & Demand

 The local Demand for SEO Services is at Affordability because 89% of businesses are Small Businesses...

Small businesses make up 89 percnet of businesses.png

...while most SEO Companies maintain only 25 clients on average.

Huge Demand & Small Supply = High SEO Cost for Small Businesses

This Survey also illuminates that an average SEO Expert charges between $80 and $130 per hour, and that the average Monthly Retainer (monthly service package) is $750 and $1,500 per month

My Cost Summary for Consultation

Because Affordability is a Top Concern. I provide a Sliding Scale and Pay-For-Performance.

 Example Data Example for Existent Keyword Rankings for a Mercedes Benz Car Dealer in Massachusetts.

Example Data Example for Existent Keyword Rankings for a Mercedes Benz Car Dealer in Massachusetts.

Consultation and Consultation Report:

Monthly Web Intelligence and Consulting Report starting with a Custom SEO Plan, that includes one hour of Phone, Text, and/or Instant Messenger consultation. 

Monthly  Web Intel. Description of Service

Monthly Consultation Report = Competition Analysis, Website Audit and Analysis, Valuable Keyword Discovery and Summary.

SEO Implementation Team Provided:

Because having a trusted, skilled and cost effective team to implement advised developments per the SEO Plan can also be a problem, I also provide a SEO Managed Implementation with my own team for $30/hr. + 10% of new revenue after six months.

Pay For Performance Revenue Share Model: My innovative 10% Honor-System Revenue Share model enables you to self-adjust and pay from a place of SEO-Generated-Profit and gratitude, compared to previous years and growth. This keeps our prices affordable, and also makes your Website our Investment.

Compare to the Cost of One New Qualified Employee Manager and Team.   

Ready to Start or Stop

The reality is that businesses that include professional SEO Web Development are winning the customers at every scale, and businesses that aren't, are waisting a lot of time and money and falling down the SERPS. 

  • 65% of people use their smart phone in their I-want-to-buy moments.

  • 80% Click on the Top Three Results.

(Think with Google)

Are you translating your accumulated real-world value onto the www, with the same type of quality and professionalism you provide to your customers?


I've found that it's often more about what my clients don't know and miss, that makes the Big Difference in X-ing revenues and increasing their Employees Incomes and job satisfaction.

Waisting instead of Leveraging Marketing Spend on Paid Advertisings to miss Most of your Clientele now and in the Future?

Only 20% Clicked on adds in 2017.

  • Adds pay once and within days or weeks, yet very little.

  • SEO pays increasing and recurring revenue with more and more visits and sales starting within a few months, and increases a Business’s Total Net Worth valuation.

Ever try to read an unfamiliar map without being able to see where you are on the map?

 Click the image to go search The Internet Map.

Click the image to go search The Internet Map.

Increasing Business Net Worth with Search Optimization

The Most Valuable Business Asset besides your Employees and Equipment is usually your business Website. Spending Marketing Budget on it can greatly increases Your Business's Net Worth while it increasingly brings in more revenue.  

Businesses now at the top of search have learned to respect and value Web Development from dramatically increased cash flow and Business Value, and readily purchase more Consultation and Web Developments.

In Billions of US dollars Invested & projected for SEO.

total seo spend.png

Showing Google strategic professional development signs and signals or  

Loosing the Opportunity to Catch up with Businesses that are Prioritizing SEO. 

Catching up with businesses that show that they value, respect and prioritize Online Search Development can be difficult, often because dropping down the search results means dropping business income and less ability to secure someone to help them do so efficiently and effectively.

New business competitors that have some credit, and decide to purchase equipment and start competing locally, are quite often more savvy about spending dollars on their Google Listing than established businesses.

Another Reason Small Businesses are Dropping out of Search … forever 

Have you ever seen Websites overtake you in the Search Engines, and then offer to sell you Leads only after years of earning what "should" be your top position in the local landscape? Not protecting and developing your Google position?

These sites are owned and grown by ‘SEO’s’ that prefer not to offer Client-SEO and would rather rank Their Own Websites and monetize those. Keeping them at bay for local clients, is one of my jobs. Seeing them coming and being ready is your best defense.

Again, avoiding the oops, and Damn! Is Knowing First.

Going from 0 to 5,000 site-visits per month in six months happens, and many private SEO Developers are doing this successfully by knowing where they can readily index and investing. I build investment websites for clients with this model if your interested.

The ROI of SEO

  • A #1 ranking would give you a 52% traffic boost above a #2 ranking

  • A #1 ranking would also give you a 373% traffic boost above a #5 ranking

  • On 1,000 searches, a #1 listing should yield 258 clicks

  • While a #10 listing might yield just 13 clicks


The reward for those that get this message and turn it into Action by hiring me? Cash Generated Confidence (based on Data based confidence + Know Where and How) and Increased Business Success within months, often like they've never seen before.

SEO often has The Highest ROI in Small Business Marketing Spend.

There is a Top Dollar amount I would reasonably spend for Local Service Businesses, yet I am very rarely asked what it is... if they only knew... 

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Consultancy and SEO Services Cost

Trust-Worthy Consultation and Insight with Tracked and Reported Web Development 

My goal is to become part of your Management Team, providing you with valuable data and www consultation so you can make educated decisions. I make my Client Businesses my own Investments that bring increasing revenue as they capture more of Existent Local Search Volume.

Strategic Data and Consultation is Insight and Money Leverage.

Monthly Consultation Service $ Cost: 

  • Phone, Text and Messenger Consultation. 

Service Description: Up to one hour for small businesses under $400K Annually, two for those above as needed. (hours are not accruable) Scheduled Phone calls preferred. Included: Custom SEO Plan then Monthly Web Intel with SEO Summary Consultation Report.  

  • Monthly SEO Report: Actionable Data and Advise based on Custom Big-Data-Filtering, Compiling and Analysis.

Small businesses under $200k annual revenue = $250/Month

Small businesses $200k-$400k annual revenue = $450/Month

Businesses $400k-$700 annual revenue = $650/Month

Businesses $700-$1M annual revenue = $1,650/Month

 Custom SEO Plan & Continued Awareness of Site Metrics, Performance, Competition and Opportunities. SEO Web Dev. Consultant.

Custom SEO Plan & Continued Awareness of Site Metrics, Performance, Competition and Opportunities. SEO Web Dev. Consultant.

Actionable Data, Insight and Development


Tell me how much you don't know...

My Availability to help? Get me with you while you still can.  

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Ready to Increase your Website's Google Search Position Across your Keyword Set with Confidence?

  • Web Presence Oversight, Insight and Management.

  • Affordable Web Developments from my Trusted Team with my Oversight and Contribution.

  • Results Tracking of Your Site, Keywords, Social Accts., Reviews, Your Competitors and Our Web Developments. 

  • Data-Based Reporting, Discovery, Insight, and Advice.

Know. Do. Succeed. Repeat. 

Increase Online Exposure & Build Business Net Worth. Increase Clicks, Calls and Sales.

I look forward to speaking with you, and getting to know you, your team and your business. 

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