Search Engine Properties owns, develops and manages high value URLs with strategic profitability to deliver monetizable value to its Clients, Customers and Subcontractors.

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We Build & Optimize Value

Then Transfer That Value To You

Search Engine Properties delivers customers to businesses from its web properties in the US and UK and charges a commission of resulting sales only, nothing up front and nothing monthly. Our industry leading Search Engine Marketing Business Model provides income before expenditure.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We invest high value expertise and resources into our Local Web Properties (websites, landing pages, ads, blogs, articles, guides, reviews etc.) so they continue to top the Google, Bing and Yahoo listings for more and more search queries and capture more and more Available Market Share.

  2. You agree to receive leads for your service area, and to track and pay our commission on all Leads that convert to a Sale.

  3. We forward All calling customers and web-form submissions to you exclusively. The calls have a ‘whisper message’, that only your receptionist can hear, that identifies that the lead-call is from us, and we build a shared database of lead-form submissions.

  4. When you convert a Lead into a Sale, you pay our commissions from the initial deposit/first payment and pay the agreed commission to us for the lifetime of that customer.

    Please Note: You must track the Leads we provide and pay our full commission at time of contract with your client/customer. Many leads do not close in the same week so tracking is key to not breeching contract. We reserve the right to verify Sale/No Sale and Customer Satisfaction after 14 days from lead delivery with a courteous customer service call to the lead/customer.

If we contacted you, you may wish to act quickly because this means that we are also contacting your service area competitors.

Should we help scale their business or yours?

Capture More Available Market Share For Your Service Area Without Paying Anything Up Front